LL.B. Three Years Course

Under the provision of the Advocate Act, 1961, the bar council of india has prescribed a three year law course Based on SEMESTER SYSTEM, Accordingly, University Grants Commission has revised the Syllabus for Three Year Law Course for its implementation.

(a). An admitted student is required to undergo a Regular Course of study and to attend required number of classes in each semester in order to be eligible to appear in the University Examination to be conducted by the University for each of the Three Parts divided into Six Semester and prescribed in the following manner:

1. LL.B. Part -I                      Semester One
                                              Semester Two

2. LL.B. Part – II                   Semester Three
                                              Semester Four

3. LL.B. Part – III                  Semester Five
                                              Semester Six

(b). A student has to take 28 papers in all, which shall include 21 Compulsory  Papers, 03 Optional Papers and 04 Clinical Papers prescribed by the University from time to time.

(c). The three year course leading to degree in law shall be conducted in Semester  system.

II. Seats:- 240 seats.
III. Medium:- English & Hindi 

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